Hello, welcome to my first blog. I created this blog for spirited debates on the topics of god, religion, spirituality, conspiracy theories, and unjustified claims. I also suggest topics of science, evolution and the big bang. While these topics have nothing to do with one another, religion treads on scientific knowledge routinely, therefore it comes up in these debates so we may as well address that.

It has been painfully obvious to me that the religious and conspiracy theorists tend to be one in the same. They are both willing to accept outrageous claims on little or insufficient evidence. Why? When I talk to people about the natural world and the evidence we have to support an Earth that is over 4 billion years old, and that its inhabitants have evolved over most of that time, they reject or deny mountains of evidence. Yet, when I talk about an all know, all loving, all powerful being in the sky they require no evidence at all. It just becomes a matter of faith. Faith, in a religious setting, is simply gullibility. Happy blogging =)


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